Science and Capitalism

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  • Published : February 3, 2011
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Science and Capitalism
If I were to take I guess, I would says that we all have been taught that capitalism drives innovation, technology, and scientific advancement. The teaching that competition, combined with the profit motive, pushes science to its limits and gives big corporations incentive to invent new medicines, drugs, and treatments is very common. We are also told that the free market is the greatest motivator for human advance, but in some cases that is not true. Patents, profits, and private ownership of the means of production are actually the greatest hindrances of science. Capitalism, in my opinion, is holding back science and technology. Science and technology are greatly affected by marketing, production, and industries. The pharmaceutical industry often has ridiculously high prices and refuses to distribute medicines to those who can’t afford it. The extreme lack of drugs to combat the AIDS pandemic proves capitalism’s impotence to distribute medicine to those in need. The topic of AIDS research leads us to the discussion of the differences between the goals of science and the goals of industry. The vast majority of the funding for researching vaccines comes from government and non-profit groups. Of course the goals of non- profit groups are going to be to better the lives of the people whereas the pharmaceutical industry’s goal is to make a profit. In our capitalist society it wouldn’t make sense for the pharmaceutical industry to fund research to cure a disease when they make millions of dollars by selling medicines to help people with the disease rather than curing the disease. Since the research would not explicitly benefit their industry and make them yield profit they are not interested. The manufacturing industry in particular is supposedly where capitalist...
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