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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Solar Energy Essay

Fossil fuel comes from the earth, from the decomposition of dead living things underground. Fossil fuel is easy to get and is cheap, but fossil fuel takes millions of years to form and is not a renewable energy and it contains a large amount of carbon in it. There are some types of fossil fuel like; coal, natural gas and petroleum. Fossil Fuel makes electricity, motor oils and other things that are used in our daily lives. When fossil fuels are burnt, they produce heat, which makes energy. There are some negative impacts of using fossil fuel. One of them is triggering the global warming and acid rain to happen. When fossil fuels are burned, they produce CO2; which breaks the earth’s atmosphere, making global warming worse.

One way of reducing the use of fossil fuel is to alternate to other renewable energy from natural sources like the sun (energy conversion from the fossil fuel to solar energy). Solar energy is using energy from the sun’s heat and radiant light. Solar power means converting the sun’s heat into electricity. We can use solar energy to help reduce the use of fossil fuel, because solar energy can make electricity. Using the solar panel, the solar panel can capture the heat from the sun and convert it into electricity for our house. Nowadays, people even make cars with solar panels so that they could save/reduce the use of motor oil. Solar energy is a renewable energy that is eco-friendly; it doesn’t produce anything that is dangerous for the earth and people.

The solar energy usage can be harnessed because people will not be able to misuse solar energy. Solar energy is free we just need to make or buy solar panels (with black surface which absorbs more heat) to convert the solar energy into electricity. Solar panel captures the sun’s heat and making the heat into electricity. Figure1. Solar Panel harnessed.

This is also a way to harness the solar power. We capture the heat from the solar panel and the energy goes to...
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