MS-13 is the most dangerous gang in the world. How do you know what this gang does? It consists of the group of people who have been killing somebody for revenging, stealing something that is valuable and buying drugs. Each member of MS-13 gang has killed someone and stolen something. This gang was established in Los Angeles 20 years ago. It makes the citizens have fear when they hear something about it, because nobody wants to be involved in this risky trouble and end this life. This gang became spread in 28 states in the USA. Many people have been becoming new member of MS-13 gang, because they are homeless or they do not have any money to live especially teenagers, or they have just escaped from their native country to the United States. Many of them are from El Salvador. The gang has rules. Every new member has to be hit so badly from four guys. This is just test. The main rule of this gang is "you live for your God, you live for your mother and you die for your gang" Many members are in the prison especially those who are from El Salvador. The American government sent them back to El Salvador, because they have lived here illegally. Some of them are released, so they started to shoot gun to citizens on main streets. The police kept an eye on this gang. The gang was bothered from the police. Suddenly the gang went to stop the bus and killed everyone on it. This is so bad. They have killed 26 people and they put a sheet of paper in front of the bus, it said " leave us alone ". The gang is dangerous. I should mention that especially the teenagers should not put themselves in trouble.
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