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1. Introduction:
The place which I am writing about is Pashupatinath. As I stay near Pashupatinath so, i have got enough knowledge about this place. Pashupatinath is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu the capital of Nepal.It was not known for certain when the temple was founded. Name| Pashupatinath temple|

Location| Gaushala, kathmandu,Nepal|
Area occupied| 281 hectors|
| |

Pashupati area is regarded as one of the most important places of pilgrimages for the followeres of Hinduism.  Thousands of devotees from within and outside the country come to pay homage to Pashupatinath every day.  And on special occasions like Ekadasi, Sankranti, Mahashivratri, Teej Akshaya, Rakshabandhan, Grahana (eclipse), Poornima (Full moon day) people congregate here in far greater number.  Pashupati area is also included in the list of world cultural heritage. Pasupatinath Temple in Kathmandu is one of the most important and sacred places of the Saivites. It is believed to be the oldest and largest Shiva Temple in the world. The temple is regarded as the head of Sati Devi who burnt herself into ashes and who was the first wife of Lord Shiva. The temple is situated on the banks of holy Bagmati river. The uniqueness of the temple is that it has four main entrance doors in four directions which are opened for the devotees to have a darshan of the Lord. Early morning, I suppose its 4 a.m, the main entrance door facing west is first opened and then later the three other main doors are opened to the devotees. On performing ksheerabhishekam / (pouring of milk) to the deity, the devotees are given aPanchamukhi Rudraaksha Maala with 54 Rudraakshaas in the chain and it is believed by the devotees that the other 54 Rudraakshaas in a maala obtained from the Kedarnath Temple of India together making a 108 Rudraakshas in a chain or maala is considered very very auspicious and lucky indeed as per the beliefs of the Saivites. In addition to its being the oldest, largest and holiest among Shiva Temples of the world, it also provides a home'Bridhaashram' to the old and destitute. 

 Pashupatinath temple stands in the center of the town Dheopatan.It is a very beautiful temple and there are beautiful grasslands all around it.There are beautiful wooden houses and small temples around this temple.It is a very huge temple which lies in the north west of Kathmandu. The temple is listed in the world heritage site list. The present architectural nature of Pashupatinath came into existence by the queen Gangadevi during the reign of Shivasma Malla.(1578-1520)AD. It is a square two tired pagoda temple.The environment around Pashupatinath is not so clean though it is one of the greatest temple of Nepal.Bagmati river which was once known for its purity has become drainage these days.So it won't be bad to call Pashupati area polluted and unhygienic these days.

MEASURES To improve the condition:
1. There should be made strict rules for the cleanliness of Pashupati areas.

2. There should be public participation.

3. Drainages should not be connected to the water resources.

4. Dirt like plastics, and other household materials should not be thrown into water resources.

5. Government should forcaste plans and policies for the betterment of these places.

6. There should be recycling process of dirty water, a nd only attach to the water resources.

7. The person violating the rules should be strictly punished.

8. The animals like stray dogs, sheep should not be let to go inside tourism areas to cause disturbance.

9. People should respect their public properties and behave themselves with the foreign guests.

10. There should be tight security inside the temple to stop the crime.

The use of alcohol and drugs creates evils and defects on the feeling, conscious and activities of people . The use of these evil things may...
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