Sci275 Water Resource Plan

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Action Items(in the correct order)| Action Steps| Timeline| Identify the fish species being affected| Consult the studies conducted by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and identify the big fish that are in danger | Month 1| Develop a “Reduced Catch” plan and implementation procedures| Create a plan to limit the amount of fish that commercial fisherman can bring in on a single catch. Create enforcement regulations to ensure the plan is followed. Set roll out date.| Month 2-4| Schedule presentation for commercial fishing industry| Develop a presentation to outline the new plan to the members of the commercial fishing industry.Schedule presentation date.Give presentation nationwide and inform the commercial fishing industry of roll-out date.| Month 5| Monitor catches being brought in| Enforce the “Reduced Catch” plan to ensure that commercial fishing boats are following the guidelines| Ongoing|

In the supplied video learning resource the water resource issue that is presented is a declining big fish population. This problem finds its origins in commercial fishing and the overfishing of our oceans. A two year study was conducted by Jeremy Jackson of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography that showed 90% of big fish (swordfish and tuna) had been depleted from the ocean. A federal law was proposed to protect the oceans from overfishing but it was not approved. Jackson claims that, because fish populations are so low, 30-50% of the ocean may need to be protected from fishing in order for the populations to rebound. Pete Dupuis, a commercial fisherman, believes that Jacksons’ proposal to close off that much of the ocean will not fix the problem. He feels that they are still catching as much fish as ever. He agrees that they need to protect this renewable resource but wishes for a plan that will strike a balance between the environmental demands and the needs of commercial fisherman, as they will be the ones hurt most. There are...
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