Sci 362 Case in Point Week 3

Topics: Nuclear power, Peak oil, Natural gas Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Week Three Individual Assignment

March 8, 2012
Suhair Derby

Week Three Individual Assignment
Chapter 11 Case in Point: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge The type of energy source in this case in point is oil. The impact on drilling in this area would be detrimental to the protected environment, animal life, and organisms that live there. This area has been protected due to the distinct wildlife that lives there. There has already been a decline in wolves and bears in the Prudhoe Bay area where oil drilling is ongoing. Since 1985 oil production is this area is on a decline, so oil industry is looking for other sites. Drilling into the protected area will not only cause a decline in the wildlife in that area but it would also upset the balance of nature in that area. Not only would it be destructive but it would only be a short term fix to the oil issue. It would be wise to research and seek out better solutions such as renewable energy sources that can be used and still keep the land and wildlife safe and protected. Although the drilling may potentially open more jobs and increase economics within the area, it would be destroying another piece of land and wildlife that is essential to the Arctic and this land would not be restored due to financial practicality.

Chapter 12 Case in Point: Yucca Mountain
In this case in point a mountain is the source of energy. The U.S.Government wants to use this mountain, which is only 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, to store thousands of tons of radioactive nuclear waste. This location is not only close to Las Vegas but it also sits near a volcano. Although the possibility of the volcano erupting is considered to be remote the possibility and consequences of it happening should to be taken into consideration. Other scenarios that should be addressed would be water and land contamination should there ever be a malfunction or leak within the mountain. How would these disasters...
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