Sci 275 Week 6 Assignment

Topics: Marine biology, Habitat fragmentation, Habitat Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: August 1, 2010
Marine Habitat Destruction
Anita Rouse
Jean-Paul Simjouw, PhD

Marine habitats are in grave danger due to humans and Mother Nature. Hurricanes, typhoons, storm surges, and tsunamis are factors in which contributes to the destruction of marine habitats and are caused by Mother Nature. Human’s destruction to these habitats is much worse due to the fact that Mother Nature’s destruction is mostly temporary, while humans leave more of a lasting footprint on the habitats because of our persistence. (National Geographic, n.d.). Marine habitat destruction caused by humans are wetlands being filled for further development, runoff water which carries chemicals, pollutants, and wastes are pumped back into the water without treatment, destructive fishing techniques, tourism, and ships. I feel that these issues need to be dealt with before it is too late. I have come up with a sustainment plan that will benefit the environment and in turn benefit society; for if we sit back and do nothing our marine habitats will be ruined and unable to save.

Marine habitats are homes to many different marine animals, organisms, and plants; it is also a very fragile ecosystem, in which many are taking for granted. The destruction caused by Mother Nature cannot be prevented, but what can change is the destruction we humans are causing. I feel that it is important to try and reach out to every individual to get them to fully understand the dilemma, we need to make the public more aware of the situation at hand and its severity on marine animals and plants, and we also need to emphasize the affects it could end up having on humans and society. In order to do this I think it would be important to start small and work my out. Another aspect that would help greatly is to create more marine reserves, which protects the habitat and the animals and plants. In marine reserves no mining is allowed, no fishing, and no fish farming. (MarineBio, n.d.). The habitat are...
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