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Topics: Population, Urbanization, Demography Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Urbanization Trends SCI/275

Urbanization trends
Amber Bishop
SOC/120 Version 4
March 16, 2012
Norman Ames

Urbanization trends
Urban growth in the world’s poorest countries is increasing. There are a few reasons for this increase. The first reason that urban growth is increasing in the world’s poorest countries is that the birth rates are increasing. In poor societies there are not many birth control options or other offers of health care to help prevent pregnancies. Another reason for this population growth in the world’s poorest countries is that more and more people are flocking to these areas in search of jobs, better health care, and an overall better way of life (Macionis, 2011). So, what exactly is urbanization and why is this urbanization happening in poor countries? Urbanization refers to an increase in the proportion of a population living in areas that are defined as urban (Dyson, 2011). People in poor rural areas tend to migrate to urban areas where there are better jobs, healthcare, schools, and technology. This movement of people from the poor rural areas into poor urban areas causes urbanization. Indonesia is a major city in a poor, developing country that is experiencing urbanization. There are a few different reasons urbanization has occurred here. One reason being that there are more people from rural areas of Indonesia relocating to urban areas than there are from urban areas to rural areas (Malcom, 2006). Another contributor to this urbanization is that natural population growth is higher in urban areas than it is in urban areas of Indonesia. The final contributor I will mention in this paper is the reclassification of rural settlements as urban settlements (Malcom, 2006). Roughly one-third of Indonesia’s urbanization is caused as a direct result of the higher rates of natural population growth in urban areas than in rural areas, another third of Indonesia’s urbanization is caused by reclassification and the final third caused by...
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