Sci/256 Week One Enviornment 900 Word Essay--- Graded 100/100pts

Topics: World population, Population growth, Population Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Course Name: SCI/256


Question #1: Provide a brief summary of the history of the environmental movement?  

Answer #1: The environmental movement started around the end of the 1700’s. However, most people did not join in to or even know about the environmental movement until many decades later. You could say that there was at first a sharp increase in the awareness of the environmental problems and the environmental movement to stop these problems around the mid 1950’s. This is the time in which people began to jump on the environmentally friendly and cautious band wagon because there were several catastrophic environmental disasters that occurred during this time period as well as a large increase in the popularity of televisions and radio as well as the media as a whole. Because of the increase in American’s access to media coverage on the news on television at the time, many people were able to see as well as hear what was going on at the time. Some events that were covered by the news media included oil spills, and the effects on ocean life due to those oil spills, as well as nuclear bombs, also known as atomic bombs, being tested in the state of New Mexico. These events were not only occurring and being witnessed by the citizens of the United States, but were happening across the world and that led to many people becoming involved in the environmental movement, which today is larger than it has ever been. However, that is in part because the world continues to have oil spills and other horrible disasters at an ever increasing rate every year.

Question #2: Explain the main point concerning exponential growth and whether it is good or bad. Compare exponential growth to a logistic growth curve and explain how these might apply to human population growth. What promotes exponential growth? What constrains population growth?

Answer #2: There are many problems concerning exponential growth of human life on planet earth. The main problem...
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