Sci/241 Week 9 Final Project Nutritional Plan

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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Nutritional Plan
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Final Paper
For nine weeks this course had me analyzing my dietary and exercise habits. I researched my eating habits at the USDA Food Pyramid Guide and was provided with recommendations on what and how much I should be eating. This information combined with recommended exercises and information I learned in this class has resulted in my creating a lifetime personalized nutrition, diet, and exercise plan. First and foremost a little introspection is required, what about my current lifestyle and eating habits are detrimental to my health. Since this course has started I have already begun to address my nutritional habits, I have cut back on red meats and eat more fish and chicken. I still enjoy a large variety of fresh seasonal vegetables; I do not eat canned vegetables. I need to drink more milk, although I do meet some of my dairy needs from cheese products. I try and balance the rest of my diet with recommended amounts of whole grains and fruits. I have completely removed hot dogs from my diet; it was a source of sodium and high in cholesterol which I have enough medical issues with.

Next I need to address exercise, I do not exercise enough currently. I do get outdoors and enjoy activities such as fishing and hiking; unfortunately I drive to the fishing spots and do not hike as much as I did when I was younger. This amount of physical activity does nothing to increase my heart rate or cardiovascular benefits. I currently have no high impact exercises such as jogging, or bicycling.

The goals I have set for myself should be easy to meet. First, I am going to eat less red meat in my diet. Part of that goal is to replace some of the red meat I would normally add to my diet with nuts and fish. I live in an area where fresh salmon and tuna are plentiful and affordable. I also have walnut and hazelnut trees close by, so adding these items to my diet should be simple....
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