Sci/241 Final Project Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Throughout this paper you will find that it is going to be discussing many things. Some of those things are to describe a current health problem or nutritional need that I may be experiencing, four nutritional or physical exercise goals, the actions taken to meet each goal, the anticipated setbacks or difficulties and the approaches to overcome them, the outcomes by which to measure success, evidence of the plans effectiveness by addressing the identified problem or need, and the evaluation of potential health risks that may develop if the plan is not implemented. So basically this paper is going to be about a realistic nutrition and exercise plan that best suits me.

A current health problem that I am facing is the fact that I am overweight for my age. Although I am pregnant there really is not much that I can do about it until after I have the baby. I was however overweight when I got pregnant with the baby. Adding the extra pounds on from the pregnancy really is not all that healthy. I am also limited to the amount of weight that I can gain while pregnant because I was overweight to begin with. I do not think that I am experiencing any nutritional needs. The reason I say this is because I do take a multivitamin every day and I do eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, meats, and beans.

The four nutritional or exercise goals that I have come up with is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week. Also for nutrition I can add more vegetables and fruits to my diet. An example would be when going out to eat I could substitute vegetables for french-fries or fruits in place of pies. Another exercise goal would be to start using the pedometer that I bought several months ago while I was working. I can use it to set goals for myself by adding more steps in my daily routine throughout each day. Nutritional wise I can start by planning ahead by making my shopping list for meals and snacks for a week so this way I will now exactly what I am going for before...
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