Sci/230 Week 2 Dq 1

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  • Published : May 29, 2011
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Week Two DQ 1

Choose one theory—spontaneous generation theory or cell theory—and select one statement that corresponds to the theory you want to refute or support:  
Spontaneous generation theory:
Frogs come from muddy soil because they always appear in that environment. Flies come from rotten meat because they always appear where meat is rotting.  
Cell theory:
Without the invention of the microscope, the cell theory would not have been possible. All living things are made up of cells.
Provide evidence for or against the statement you chose.
Include proper APA citation of outside sources if applicable. Read another student’s post and provide another piece of evidence for his or her claim.

The theory I choose to talk about is the cell theory. One Statement that corresponds to the support of the cell theory is “Without the invention of the microscope, the cell theory would not have been possible”. The invention of the microscope allowed scientists to study things more much more closely than with the naked eye. Microscopes allowed scientists to discover the cellular structures of each subject he or she is studying and form hypotheses based on his or her findings. This invention led to the cell theory’s creation. The cell theory Is scientists discovery of every organism being composed of one or more cells and these cells are the smallest, most fundamental units of life. This theory also proves that each cell is created from other cells and not created spontaneously (Pruitt & Underwood 2006).

Pruitt, N. L., & Underwood, L. S. (2006). Bioinquiry: Making connections in biology (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
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