Schweppes Malt Launch in Ghana

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Marketing Communication Proposal for

July 17, 2009

Introduction Our Profile Specific Cases of our Portfolio (EMTS, Virgin Atlantic, BAT ) The Brief Communication Objectives Communication Strategy Creative Questions

The Brief
In line with the global vision to expand portfolio noncarbonated beverage categories, TCCC is looking at entering the Dark Malt segment in sub-Saharan countries

The countries to be considered are namely Ghana, Cameroun, Gabon, Cote d Ivoire, Burkina Faso, South Africa and Nigeria

Ghana launch will kick-off the introduction into the subSaharan market

The Brief Cont d
The Malt Category is 9.4m UC in Ghana and it is dominated by Malta Guinness (90% MS with two brands) Dark Malt is perceived as a premium social drink because it has a prestige image Usually consumed as an energy provider, food replacer Its moderate sugar content, health cues makes it a good beverage alternative to CSDs Competitors claims: Energy, nourishment and vitality / natural All sort of supporting ingredients (Vitamins, Aloe Vera, Ginseng etc )

Agency Task
Launch Schweppes Malt in Ghana Dark Malt Market
Drive awareness & Trial of the brand

Develop Brand Architecture for NWABU launch of Dark Malt
Program should include, but not limited to:
Core Creative idea applied to main thrust TVC, OOH VIS etc Shopper & trade communications / touch points Event concept (activation platform)

Successful launch of Schweppes Malt first in Ghana and then in other NWABU countries

Significantly position the brand in the Dark Malt category through a new approach (from exclusively functional to emotional/lifestyle platforms)

Launch objective is to profitably complement our Sparkling portfolio: Leveraging Natural & Healthy perception of Malt, in fit with Schweppes adult positioning.

Market Overview
(A Peep into Ghana)

Map of Ghana

Economic Indices
S/No. Economic Indicators 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
National Population Pop. growth rate GDP PPP GDP per capita GDP growth rate Consumer price Inflation Exchange rate US$ to GHC External Reserves Capacity Utilization Foreign debt

Values 23,832,495 1.9% 34.3 (US$) billion 716 (US$) 2.60% 16.80% US$ 1= 1.0289 Cedis 35% 5.697 Billion (US$)

Source: These values were got from the following websites;; Factsheet on Ghana, ; etc.

Population Statistics

Out of a population of about 23,832,495 Ghanaians , (source: 2009 estimate) under 9 million fall within the 15 35 years age category. Source: US Population census data (2009 estimates)

Market Survey - Findings
The following brands were found in Ghana Malt market:
Guinness Ghana Breweries (GGB)
Malta Guinness Malta Quench Amstel Malta Alvaro

Accra Breweries Limited (ABL)
Vita Malt

Power Malt Magic Malt

Competitive Pricing

S/No. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Malt Brand Alvaro (Pear & Pineapple ) Malta Guinness Amstel Malta Vitamalt Plus

Value GHc 0.89/bottle GHc 1.39/Bottle GHc 0.99/bottle Not available


Market Survey

Findings Cont d

Ten prominent POS outlets within Accra were visited and inspected for: Availability & Visibility Merchandising Loyalty schemes Pricing

Brand with best visibility /distribution: Malta Guinness
present in all the ten outlets visited)


Brand with most merchandising / outlet presence: Malta Guinness (i.e. Parasols, Coolers & street furniture) Brand with best media presence: Malta Guinness / Alvaro (i.e. Malta Guinness is the flagship Malt brand & Alvaro has just been launched into the market)

Market Survey
Product Pricing:

Findings Cont d

Guinness Ghana Breweries (GGB)
Malta Guinness Malta Quench Amstel Malt Alvaro

Accra Breweries Limited (ABL)
Vita Malt

Power Malt Magic Malt

Market Survey
Outlet Names Malta Guinness Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Paloma Restaurant Bus Stop...
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