Schools Do Not Deserve the Criticism

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: February 4, 2013
In modern society, majority of children approximately receive twelve-years of education at school. Children start to learn fundamental knowledge and sociality at elementary school and all the knowledge would nourish them to be a better person in future. If so, do schools support appropriate educational environment for children? Or what kind of knowledge and attitude do children receive from school? According to article “School Is Bad for Children” published in the magazine The Saturday Evening Post in 1969 by John Holt, the author argues various criticisms and solutions of formal education system. There are some negative facts that he [John Holt] claims that children feel learning is not active procedure and often lose their curiosity in school. Children lose critical thinking and just answer what schools want. In addition, they learn bad behaviors from schools’ life such as laziness, cheating, bullying, and so on. Moreover, they cannot only interact with others but also they are taught to be indifferent by schools. In hence, he [John Holt] recommends some solutions for improving the quality of schools. First suggestion is abolishing mandatory school attendance. He [John Holt] said school is useless for students who are not planning academic education. Also, students need to get out of schools to experience the world at first hand. If then, they could step closer to their future. Another suggestion is to let children learn from others. Children discipline from each other through paired learning, and they also demand to evaluate their own work because problem solving by themselves is the most effective study rather than getting a correct answers from teachers. The author also points out abolishing the fixed, required curriculum. The reason for this is that children learn many things from school, but they cannot find the answer for their lives through the curriculum. Although children may learn bad behaviors in schools, schools do not deserve the criticism that...
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