Schools as Organisations, 2.1 Describe the Roles and Resposibilities of: School Governors, Smt, Other Etc.

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Unit 10: Schools as organisations

2.1Describe roles and responsibilities of:
a)School governors
b)Senior management team
c)Other statutory roles e.g. SENCo
e)Support staff

Within a school there are different people with various roles, all of which are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the school.

GovernorsVolunteers who ensure the school provides a good quality education. Set the aims, objectives and policies of the school.
Adopt new policies as required.
Set the school’s budget.
Set the school’s targets for achieving the aims and objectives. Responsible for community cohesion.
Senior Management TeamWork closely with the Head Teacher.
To meet on a regular basis to discuss issues.
Make decisions concerning the running of the school or around the implementation of the school improvement plan. Discuss how information is spread to teachers and support staff. SENCoResponsible for managing and monitoring the provision for those with special educational needs within the school. Including: Ensuring liaison with parents and other professionals in respect of children with special educational needs. Advising and supporting other practitioners in the setting.

Ensuring that appropriate Individual Education Plans are in place. Ensuring that relevant background information about individual children with special educational needs is collected, recorded and updated. Make sure the paperwork is in place, monitored and updated as necessary for those who are on Early Years, School Action or School Action Plus. TeachersResponsible for the planning and preparation of the national or early years curriculum for pupils in their class. To teach pupils according to their educational needs.

To assess, record and report on the educational progress and attainment of pupils. To take responsibility for all other adults within the learning environment. To communicate and consult with the parents of pupils.

To communicate...
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