Schools as Organisations 2.1

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Candidate Report

Unit: Schools As Organisations

Linked to Learning Outcome(s):

2.1: Describe (or draw a diagram) of the staffing structure within your placement. Explain each staff member’s role and purpose, including:

a) school governors

b) senior management team


d) teachers

e) support staff roles

2.2: Explain the roles of the external professionals who work within the school e.g. educational psychologist

6.3 Explain the roles of other organisations working with children and young people and how these may impact on the work of schools

School Staffing Structure

(see also diagram overleaf)

The School Governors are an elected body formed from a variety of people including at least the Head, a member of staff, a parent, someone from the LA and someone from the local community. They are responsible for running the school, setting aims and objectives, policies and procedures and setting and reviewing targets. They also are involved in practical roles such as site management, community cohesion, personnel issues.

The Senior Management Team (Senior Leadership Team) deal with the running of the school and implementing agreed changes. In my setting the SLT comprises the Head, the deputy and the SENCO who each have particular areas of responsibility.

The SENCO deals with all the children with special needs and any concerns raised by teachers about children who are not achieving. She oversees all the IEPS , assessments for children and interventions. She works closely with the class teachers and also with external agencies to secure funding and arrange assessments and specialist help. She keeps accurate records on each individual child which can then be passed on to their new (high) school.

Teachers have the responsibility for their own class and planning and delivering the National Curriculum for their class. Some of them have responsibility for a specific subject and should provide advice or support to...
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