Schools as an Organisation

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How legislation affects schools and the individuals working in them Schools have to follow the laws and codes and are expected to operate under certain legislations. As an individual working in a school you will need to be aware of laws and codes of conduct that affects the life of a school. These are: Data Protection Act

This act is there to ensure that schools keep and use information only for the purpose that it is collected for.

Education Act
This is constantly been updated and gives the rights for children to have an education at a young age up to the age of 16.

Special Education Needs Act (SEN)
This ensures that children with special education needs are admitted into mainstream schools.

Anti-bullying Policy
Ensures that pupil feels safe and secure in their learning environment without the fear of being bullied.

Safeguarding Policy
Ensures the well-being of pupils and gives them a sense of value.

The laws and codes of conduct are enforced and regulated by key individuals. Key Individuals Policies and Legislations Safeguarding officerChild Protection, Safeguarding policy

SENCOSpecial education needs, disability, equality
TeacherInclusion, education act, performance management.
Equal Opportunity OfficerEqual opportunity, race equality, cultural diversity.

Safeguarding Officer
The Safeguarding officer support schools to ensure that they are compliant with the safeguarding responsibilities of the school. They liaise with Social workers and are responsible to the Head Teacher, the school Behaviour Manager. They work directly with children and their families. They provide support and guidance to Carers and provide planned interventions for children. The Safeguarding officer takes the lead in developing and delivering continuous training, support and advice to school staff. The Safeguarding officer is responsible for the development of Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.

Health and...
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