Schooling vs. Education

Topics: Education, School, Thought Pages: 3 (1152 words) Published: October 26, 2009
Education and Schooling: The Mental Fork In The Road
Understanding the difference between schooling and educating is important. Many people use the two terms education and schooling interchangeably. Education refers basically to the education system such as: schools, colleges, Tech centers, universities in public and private. The belief is that these institutions are creating original thinkers. The system of schooling uses discipline and motivation as a method to motivate young people to learn. Within the School system students experience frustration when they attempt to make changes or improve because there is confusion between what is schooling and what is education. This confusion is caused because there is often overlapping and contradictory goals and objectives within each system. The term schooling is use as a way of pointing out the historical, cultural, political and social processes of transforming people into citizens and members of particular social groupings. School is meant to determine each student’s proper social role (Gatto page 157). This is a form of domesticating people, making them “fit in” to whatever the demands of the social group into which they are born and/or live in. You don’t have to learn anything original. What you really learn in college or any other level of schooling is how to navigate the system. Though you may be exposed to many ideas, theories, and discoveries, they are only side effects if you choose to gain the knowledge. Schooling depends on there being an authority to authorize what is going to be counted as correct and worthy of some certificate or other form of reward for conforming. Emphasis is given to learning information and repeating this information in tests that are marked according to the extent that the repetition is faithful to some original text. Schooling is about following norms of “behavior and thinking” that have been desired by authorities such as: governments, examination boards, and tradition....
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