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Topics: Philippine Revolution, José Rizal, Philippines Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: February 2, 2013

The movie about Jose Rizal that was re – enacted by Cesar Montano features the life events that happened to Rizal and also features clippings from his two works namely: Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo and was re – enacted by Joel Torre and also feature how he was executed to death and how the Katipuneros seek revenge for him. I appreciate how it was filmed because it features how the Spanish Government treated the Filipinos in a way that they are degrading them. With that, Rizal was inspired to write those works to reveal the foolishness of the Spanish Government.

The two novels he made show the entire country or the whole Filipino community during that time. Noli Me Tangere, his first work that revealed the foolishness of the Spanish Government, shows the poor condition of the Filipinos and the government of friars, that they use the Catholic religion to practice wealth and power. Discrimination, torture, violence, unequal rights, high taxes, corruption, instability of the colonial government, etc. was noted by Dr. Jose Rizal. The book was prohibited when the officials discovered it. It is because the novel attacks the church and the government. For that, Rizal was excommunicated. Through that work, many Filipinos were enlightened and inspired; for the first time, his work served as the best way to live the national sentiment. Many organizations and strikes happened and conducted, like the Katipunan which was led by Andres Bonifacio.

El Filibusterismo, his second book, once again, had shaken the Spaniards because the book affected greatly towards them. Unlike in his first book, Simon Ibarra here now fights for the Filipino. Soon after his tactics, he was shot by the Spanish Officials and was then committed suicide. In both of his books, Crisostomo Ibarra and Simon Ibarra were both characterize by Jose Rizal as he is.

Through his works and writings, Jose Rizal was able to touch the Filipino heart and made him a hero. No one...
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