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Fort San Pedro National High School Website

A Thesis Proposal
Presented To

The Faculty and Staff of Interface Computer College
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the requirements for the course
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

John Van Aguilar
Jermaine Laurie Calanuga
Jose Placente III
Mary Mae Samelo

March 2013

In this era, where advance has become the part of each and every field of life and time has become one of the important elements of the success that people aim to achieve, the world needs something that works faster than ever. Here, the role of Information System can’t be ignored. Information System can do things faster, do things better and do things smarter. These traits are possible because of two words; Information System is any combination of Information Technology and people’s activities that support operations, management and decision making. In a very broad sense, the term Information Technology is frequently used to refer to the interaction between people, processes, data, and technology. In this case, the term is used to refer not only to the information and communication technology that an organization uses, but also to the way on which people interact with this technology in support of business processes.

One of the major problems of the society today is that, whether, it’s a business or a school, modern organization had become more and more dependent on information system to dealwith the complexity and changeability of the market. Up to date, complete and accurate information has become a necessity to survive in an increasingly competitive world.

What business did in order to cope up with rapid development of Information Technology is that made them Information System the center of their business. The largest growth in most economies is coming from Information industries. The success of such knowledge based organization lies in their Information System. Also, force by technological change and globalization of markets, many manufacturing industries are also placing increasing emphasis upon Information System.’

This study is entitled Online Alumni Tracking System will be conducted by Mary Mae Samelo, Jermaine Calanuga, John Van Aguilar and Jose Placente III. The researchers are all proud student of Interface Computer College Iloilo City 4th year student and taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Background of the study
Fort San Pedro National High School is a public secondary school offering Basic Education Curriculum. Fort San Pedro National High School was founded in 1964 through the effort of Mr. Federico P. Abadiano, Councilor of Iloilo City. Now FSPNHS is on its 45th year of existence. It is composed of the following personnel: One principal III, five Secondary School Head Teachers, three Department Chairpersons, ten Master Teachers, Forty five Classroom Teachers and Ten Support Staff.

The total enrolment is 1319 for SY 2009-2010. It has eleven building housing Thirty four classes, One HE building, a computer Laboratory and a two-storey building donated by the Sanlakas Party List which serves as the Administration Building. It has a covered gym which serves as the venue for various school activities.

Surrounding the gym is the stadium. Housed under the stadium are special Rooms namely, Paul Harris Plumbing Training Center and the Automated Room which are all projects of the Rotary Club. And also eight rehabilitated rooms for MAPEH and TLE Department funded by the PTA.

For years, the school has performed in DAT very satisfactorily. In SY 2008-2009, the school was ranked 7th out of the 11 public secondary schools in the division of Iloilo city and was ranked number 11 in the NAT.

Support founds for the school provided through the MOOE,SEF and various stakeholders. Support for various programs, projects and an activity however, mostly comes from the PTA.

Statement of the Problem

General Statement of the...
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