School Violence

Topics: High school, Secondary education, College Pages: 25 (9015 words) Published: December 4, 2012
1.1. Rationale2
1.2. Aims of the Research3
1.3. Research Questions3
1.4. Significance of the Research3
1.5. Limitation of the Research3
2.1. Definition4
2.2. Characteristics4
2.3. Opinions about School Violence5
3.1. Subjects6
3.2. Scope6
3.3. Methods6
3.3.1. Method of Collecting Information6
3.3.2. Data Collection Instruments7
4.1. Essence of School Violence7
4.1.1. The Real Situation of School Violence in Dalat City7
4.1.2. The Consequence of School Violence12
4.2. Cause of School Violence13
4.2.1. Directly Cause.14
4.2.2. Indirectly Cause15
4.3. Solution of School Violence18
4.3.1. The command Solutions19
4.3.2. Other Proposed Solution24
5.1. Recapitulation24
5.2. Recommendation25

1.1. Rationale
School violence is not just an isolated issue that has now become a problem of the whole society. At all of schools have school violence? Different levels but both of urban and rural, plain and mountainous areas, the services related to school violence are on the rise. In every period of human life, the physical and psychological development and personality have their own rules. Adolescent teens but this is a very high stage of development of physical and psychological changes are extremely complex. Psychological factors as well as physical and personality is not fully complete, making for children in the juvenile age or psychological crisis, resulting in erroneous thinking and acting. Along with the development of market economy, education and training increasingly high quality of knowledge, besides the positive aspects of education, school violence was carrying a festering problem in the education sector. When it comes to school violence, you think of the boys fighting for ridiculous reasons such as: look, who fill out the front of girlfriend ... Currently, the trend of school violence spread to female students and increasing. Many people have compared the school violence as ground waves, because sometimes somewhere in environmental education arose for aggressive students fighting each other. However, the incident seemed very childish that in recent times has become a dangerous phenomenon. Thousands of students fighting each year and the nature of the incident more heavily thugs have a serious impact on psychological health and even the lives of students. School violence is becoming an obsession of society. Moreover, Dalat city is the beautiful flowers city, the development of the tourism industry, trade and business. In terms of economic development, along with the variety of entertainment and recreation, the crime rate in the adolescent age group in the region is increasing, especially victims of school violence. The rate of school violence in the adolescent age increases will affect the family, school and society, which in this environment is the lack of safe tourism tourists to Dalat. Therefore need to take timely measures of local government and the entire community to Dalat youth worthy Uncle's words: "A year that started in the spring, starting a life from a young age, the age the country's young spring ". For these reasons we have chosen the theme: "Violence in school age adolescents in the Dalat city (range in high schools, secondary schools)" the subject of the essay. 1.2. Aims of the Research

To clarify this issue, the authors participated in the study and give a perspective on school violence through the article "Violence in school age adolescents in the city of Dalat (range in high schools, secondary schools) ", with little desire to make us aware of the impact of school violence to personal ethics, society and how we analyze the causes and how the proposed measures to prevent violence and thus help young people - the...
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