School Uniforms Shoulf Be Abolished

Topics: Education, High school, English-language films Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Quite frankly I've had enough of uniforms. "Take the sweater off.", "Button it up." Seriously? If it's 90 degrees in the classroom and your poor school can't afford air conditioning, don't tell us to put our uniforms on. If it's 60 degrees, and we are freezing, don't tell us to take the sweaters off.Why are uniforms still required? First, it causes more pressure on already poor families. Secondly, individuality is destroyed. Self-identity is smeared, recognition is distorted, and self-esteem is shattered. FREEDOM is revoked and happiness seems illegal. Don't dig into my words, you know what I am conveying to you. Uniforms should be ABOLISHED from schools, it only causes more conflict between teachers and students.

Another thing is that "Uniforms may blind students to reality":In life, people do judge you on how you dress or what you look like; as much as we’d like to deny it, it’s true. By erasing that aspect of life in high school, it can set teens back in the way that it may be harder to realize that stereotypes are unfair generalizations of people."It's to prepare you for real life." Not! It just makes it look like we are going to work in McDonald's. Notice that all the prestigious jobs have no uniforms, while low-end jobs, Walmart, McDonald's, are all FORCED to wear uniforms. Notice any correlation? Thank you for telling us we will be working in those low jobs . Thanks for the incredibly motivational information. .

So, uniforms reduce the welfare of students, labels every student as "too stupid to get into good schools", and "future McDonald employee", causes anguish to students, causes conflict between teachers and students, ruins self-image and wastes time. Why are uniforms still here? Answer me that? I want a real answer, not the "because it's school rules", or the "our school, our rules", excuse. I GUARANTEE not a single student likes the idea of uniforms.If the school's image is more important than the definition of "school", then please rename...
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