School Uniforms Should Be Requirement

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Is school symbolized by uniforms? Most adults would see schools with uniforms the epitome of schools;but are they necessary or needed. Should schools have uniforms at all? This are questions that when answered are interests of both parents as well as students. As far as school goes uniforms make kids mentally think that they are going to school,creating better behaved students, reducing the possible disciplinary problems in the learning environment; making uniforms a great source to prevent fights and rallies when the environment should only be of learning. Uniforms create students to feel a sense of equality with one another as they are all wearing the same things,and when students are as one their confidence soars,which leads to doing better academically; creating the epitomes of school with no bullies and no distractions.

One of America's greatest leaders Bill Clinton once said"people will learn to evaluate themselves by what they are on the inside to evaluate themselves by what they are on the inside,instead of what they're wearing on the outside, then our public schools will be able to require students to wear school uniforms" This a wise phrase said by a very wise man; Bill Clinton understood that uniforms could prevent possible bullying and behavior problems that may occur within a school. Quotes such as Bill Clinton are also understanding that uniforms encourages student to evaluate people by their behavior and personalty rather than by their manner of dress. All problems can be avoided why try to look for them.

School uniforms provide school unity and pride for the school. A students uniform promotes school spirit,and a school that is steps closer to coming together as a family. Uniforms provide an identity that demonstrates which school and class you may be in; putting everyone in the same boat so that they are more likely to help each other progress and be successful in life. Rather like sports uniforms, school uniforms are set up for the...
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