School Uniforms Shoul Be Abolished

Topics: Education, Dress code, High school Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: March 24, 2011
1st affirmative (government)
Topic : This House Believes That School Uniforms Should Be Ablolished. Assalamualaikum and a very good morning madam chairman, honourable judges the accurate timekeeper, the opposition team and members of the floor.

I, and my two ither friends from the government team would like to state our stand that we support the motion School Uniforms Should Be Abolished. Ladies and gentlemen,
We the government are very firm with our stand and before we proceed with our strong evidence let me define the meaning of school uniform and the word abolish.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, school uniform is an outfit or a set or standardized clothes that is worn by the students in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in various countries. Whereby the word abolish carries the meaning of the end of existence of something or something being stopped.

Therefore, the meaning of the motion School Uniform Should Be Abolished means that the uniforms that students are wearing in schools now should be stopped.
Now I would like to put forward our strong points regarding the motion.
Our first evidence that support the motion is wearing school uniforms is a total denial of human rights. As we realized that each and everyone of us here has the right to wear our own preferred dress code that makes us happy and comfortable. Wearing uniforms are not suitable nowadays.

School uniforms surely curb the self expression of a child. Even sociologist believes that it may lead to an inappropriate ways of expression by children, such as improper use of makeup and jewelries. The wearing of uniforms too does not prevent students from expressing unpopular or inappropriate views in other ways.

Students nowadays are educated enough to choose the right attire to school. They will not wear swimming trunks to school. Parents must have done their role by controlling what their children wear to school. I am very sure that if you the opposition team is...
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