School Uniforms

Topics: Gang, Crime, High school Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: December 5, 2010
School Uniforms
Is it better to let things continue in their horrible condition or change them for the better? The issue of school uniforms has been argued for decades with many different ideas and no final conclusion. However, school uniforms would reduce some major problems such as the school district’s budget problem, school bullying, and gang-related violence. The addition of school uniforms would benefit the school of San Jacinto High School. California’s bad economy affects the school district and everyone in it. Hundreds of dollars are wasted, when parents and students buy school clothes, it would be better to buy more affordable school uniform. Many people fall deeply into debt because they overspend on clothes, but if school uniforms were made available, that problem would be eliminated. The uniforms could also be passed down from sibling to sibling if needed. Right now, the school is not even able to give teachers enough paper, it would benefit them to sell school uniforms to make some money. So why not just make school uniforms mandatory and save tons of money? Another problem that school uniforms would eliminate is bullying based on appearance. Every day someone is discriminated due to what clothes they wear. Some people can afford to spend money on nice clothes and some cannot, but people should not be harassed for it. Everyone wearing the same clothes would promote equality, something that schools desperately need at the moment. With fashion out of the way students could better concentrate on their studies. While school uniforms may reduce individuality, in the long run it would benefit those on the receiving end of bullying.

Perhaps the best outcomes school uniforms would create is that of gang violence. Gangs usually identify themselves and other gangs by what they wear. However, if everyone happened to be wearing the same thing, it would be harder for gang fights to take place. In 1994, California’s Long Beach Unified School District...
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