School Uniforms

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  • Published : August 29, 2010
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School Uniforms
School uniforms should be banned from every school in the United States of America. Over fourteen percent of schools are applying a dress code requiring students to wear school uniforms. Wearing school uniforms takes away your freedom to be told apart from the rest of your student body. The same color every day can get boring and depressing. Also there is an issue on cost of the uniforms. Many families shop at discount stores and if uniforms are required they mite not be able to afford them. School uniforms do not help with gangs nor bullying. School uniforms should be terminated.

School uniforms take away your individuality kids will not be able to express themselves. Teenagers will not be able to keep up with fashion if they are not allowed to dress the way they like. Kids need free thinking to become the thinkers of tomorrow not robots that will make the same mistakes previous generations have. There have been many arguments about our current educational system because they are seeking to produce workers not perfect rounded human beings and if uniforms continue allegations of such sort will continue.

Additionally school uniforms are expensive and people of low income families will not be able to afford the drastic change of school clothes because they are so expensive. Because children are growing through out their school career school clothes are really fitted and they do not loosen as normal clothes do there fore parents are going to have to spend double the money for play clothes and school clothes. There are families that cannot afford regular school clothes so adding the weekend clothes and school clothes they will have double the amount to spend.

School uniforms do not cut down bullying no matter what the kids wear their peers will find ways to pass judgement against them just random colors are not the main issue in arguments in school. People are trying to say that gang problems will be cut down or just problems in general it...
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