School Uniforms

Topics: School uniform, Dress code, Education Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Unit 6 project part 2
Annotated bibliography

Boutelle, M. (2008). UNIFORMS: Are They a Good Fit?. Education Digest, 73(6), 34. “The article discusses the pros and cons of schools adopting mandatory school uniforms for students. The article emphasizes the positive aspect of schools adopting a dress code that requires student uniforms, including an increased focus on academics rather than clothing fashions. The author also addresses exceptions to such rules, including students who opt out of the dress code, as is allowed under California law. The author also discusses empirical data to support the advantages of adopting school uniforms.”

"schools need the authorization to implement uniform clothing requirements." On the other hand, it also states, "The governing board shall provide a method whereby parents may choose not to have their children comply with an adopted school uniform policy."

Constitutional Law -- Free Speech Clause -- Fifth Circuit Upholds Texas School District's Dress “The article discusses a court case in which a student Paul Palmer is infringed upon his First Amendment right to free speech in a school dress code violation. The Fifth Circuit court affirmed, on different grounds, the district courts denial of a preliminary injunction to join enforcement of the school's dress code as to the plaintiff's political speech. The court erred in applying the intermediate scrutiny due to the school's dress code was not a content-neutral regulation”

"maintain[ing] an orderly and safe learning environment . . . and encourag[ing] professional and responsible dress," "by their terms [they] distinguish favored speech from disfavored speech on the basis of the ideas or views expressed."'*

Konheim-Kalkstein, Y. L. (2006). A Uniform Look. American School Board Journal, 193(8), 25. “The article explores the issues associated with school uniforms, particularly in the areas of violence prevention, school climate and finances. The arguments presented by...
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