School Uniforms

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sCHOOLMany schools across the nation enforce students to wear school uniforms. While school boards feel that they are better for the students, many parents and students disagree and feel that not only are they outdated, but should be banned. School uniforms are an outdated habit and they should be banned because they don’t allow expression, they may make students feel uncomfortable, and they don’t guarantee safety of the students.

Enforcing school uniforms along with the schools settings restrict students from wearing the style of clothing of their desire. Students lose their freedom to choose and right of personal expression. Losing these rights may cause students to retaliate in extreme ways using piercings, extreme hair styles, and even tattoos. John Adams Middle School in Los Angeles, California requires their students to wear uniforms. Most students felt that the uniforms were restricting of their personal style and that the dark blue bottoms were dangerous because the color could be mistaken to be part of a gang, or involved in something that is gang related.

School uniforms causing students to dress the same every day, along with dressing like everyone around them, may make students feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Students can also lose confidence in their appearance because the uniforms are plain. Forcing school uniforms may depress students and it may impair their academic performance causing grades to fall. “When you’re young you hate the fact that you have to dress like everyone else because you feel like each person is different and each person has their own style. I personally didn’t like uniforms in high school but only because I was forced to wear them and there was no way for the guys to make it their own style like the girls”. (Davis) Another fact is that school uniforms don’t always guarantee safety. If a school enforces uniforms, it’s easier for intruders to blend in and potentially take over the school with weapons and injure...
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