School Uniforms

Topics: Dress code, Education, High school Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Picture this, waking up for a normal day of school and already knowing what is going to be worn that day and the day after that. Such imagery is not so far off from reality. Speaking, of course, about spreading the idea of school uniforms from the private schools to the public school system. Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, was very adamant about putting “discipline and learning back in our schools” in his 1996 State of the Union address, through adding a school uniform policy in public schools. Even today, school uniforms are becoming more common of an idea to be implemented in the public school system. Not only are school uniforms cost effective, they have been connected to a reduction in violence in schools, for aiding students in increasing grades and as well as teaching students discipline. First, and for some which is the most important, money. It has been shown that the parents of children who wear school uniforms spend less on their child’s wardrobe for the school year than compare to those of who are parents to kids who do not wear school uniforms. Mary Yarber of the Los Angeles Times wrote in her article, “Uniforms Save Money—Even Lives”, “Consider this: For about $60, you can buy one pair of popular jeans, or a complete school uniform. And for what you spend on a pair of trendy sneakers ($100-$120), you could buy two uniforms, enough for a school year.” That statistic alone has been one of the hard-hitting facts of school uniforms that have swayed people in favor of uniforms. Another reason behind why school uniforms should be a part of public schools is due to its connection to reducing violence in schools. In schools today, violence occurs for several reasons related to dress appearance, whether it be a wealthy kid beating up a poorer student, or even gang members in the intercity schools violently attacking certain students for what colors that they happened to be wearing that day, affiliated with a gang or not. By instituting a...
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