School Uniforms

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  • Published : November 26, 2007
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What are you wearing today? Does it reflect your personality, your heritage, your style, anything? What if you were told that you could never wear those clothes again? Would it be for the better or for the worse? Different people have different opinions about school uniforms. School uniforms create unity within a school, consequently reducing conflicts, bullying, and crime. The uniforms eliminate a source of distraction and differences among students. Families also save money by dressing their children in school uniforms. Street clothes, rather than uniforms, inflict many problems among today's students. Street clothes can represent gang activity, where as uniforms strictly sybolize professionalism. With all that is going on in the world today, school uniforms are a better route than street clothes.

School uniforms are less expensive than having to buy the "cool" clothes from the popular name brand stores. A girl's uniform usually consists of a pleated skirt, polo, and black shoes. This cost is around sixty-two dollars. A boy's uniform usually consists of dress pants, polo, and black shoes. This cost is around seventy-one dollars. If you were to buy a complete outfit from Hollister, or any other name brand clothing store, it would be about one hundred dollars. That is not counting shoes. There are some families who can not afford uniforms even with the cost difference. Those families can receive financial aid to help pay for the uniforms. All in all, school uniforms are considerably cheaper than street clothes.

School uniforms affect student behaviors significantly. While wearing street clothes, you are categorized. The categories are different. They range from rich to poor, cool to not cool, even smart to not smart. All of these things can trigger raw emotions among students. Uniforms are said to be an expression of preparedness and professionalism. They raise students' self esteem, as well as pride and can also contribute to...
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