School Uniform Debate

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  • Published : April 26, 2011
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A school uniform is an enforced code of dress that all students must wear throughout the school day. School uniforms have been utilized in private schools for decades, but have since been made there way into some public schools as well. Dress codes are generally a code of dress that prohibits students from wearing certain types of clothing, rather than mandating what clothing a student can and cannot wear.

The debate on whether school’s should implement school uniforms has been an ongoing topic for years. While school uniforms are typically found in private schools, Cherry Hill Elementary in Baltimore, MD was reportedly the first public school to institute a school uniform policy in 1987.While some school districts have embraced the idea of uniforms many school districts have not. Both school officials and parents alike have strong views on this subject, both sides illiterate valid points. It seems what side you fall on in this ongoing debate depends on your personal preference.

The current state of the economy, and the shaky finical ground that it has created for most family’s wallets, makes it seem that school uniforms would save parents money. Which in turn could be one less thing parents have to worry about seeing that navy blue pants and polo shirts are inexpensive. Dress code aside, the interest in fashion and fad combined with peer pressure can lead to pressure to spend money that some families can not afford. Wearing of school uniforms prevents the formation of dress-identified cliques and hopefully, a child’s social standing would be based more on individual character and less on their economic status. On the other hand, uniforms interfere with students’ rights for self-expression the uniform suppresses individualism and treats students in masse rather than encouraging teachers to recognize their different characters and abilities. Uniforms are better suited for military style education and discipline rather than to the more exploratory...
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