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Methodology is a collection of methods for solving problems. Typically, each methodology has procedures, techniques, tools and documentation aids that are intended to help and develop an information system. The use of methodology helps to produce better quality products, in terms of documentation standards, acceptability to the user, maintainability and consistency of software.

2.1 Project Methodology
The following is the discussion of the chosen RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology that used in developing this project. RAD is suit as the project methodology where it has analysis, design, implementation and testing phases.

Figure 2.1: RAD Phase Diagram

2.1.1 Justification in Choosing RAD Methodology
The RAD is also known as linear sequential software development process that emphasizes an extremely short development cycle. The RAD software model is called “high speed” version of the linear sequential model in which rapid or fast development. The RAD approach encompasses the following phases:

a) Requirements Planning

The Requirement planning stage consists of selecting and proposes the project title to supervisor and review of the areas in defining the requirement of the project and this is associated with the project proposal. After that, wait for the title approval from SAD Lecturer, Madam Marina Hassan. Then a review is produces with a full definition of the system requirements, scopes, and objective in terms of the function that the system will support.

b) User Design

The user design stage consists of a detailed analysis of the activities of the proposed system. The analysis includes the problem analysis, which is investigation and describes the current system situation. Moreover, the analysis that also takes place is creating data flow diagram. The requirement analysis is also will be pointed out in this stage.

c) Construction

In this stage it will finalizes the High-level design, which will...
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