School Time Should Be Changed

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  • Published : May 28, 2007
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Imagine a world of lively, energetic kids running around, participating in class and having all their work in on time. Imagine world wher kids aren't late for shool because they slept in and there are less crazy drivers on the road trying to find that extra minute so they aren't late for school. School time needs to change so everyone can get something out of it. Sometimes with the time school starts and ends isn't the best thing. Because, like myself and many others, when school starts a person can get in a lot of trouble, or even worse, in a wreck. Valentines Day is when it all happened for me. I woke up late from a late night doing my homework and I slept threw my alarm clock and I didn't wake up till 7:50A.M. and I live in Ainsworth. So I got up, got dressed really quickly and decided to take gravel since it was a straight shot, and that's were my wreck happened I hit a drift and flew into the field, drifted, and then plowed into the ditch. Either way I was still late, but if school didn't start so early that would have never happened. If school started later and ended earlier then people would be more aware of what is going on during the day and be more active. When kids have to wake up at 6:30-7:00 in the morning we don't like to get into much and participate in the activities the teachers want us to do. But we can't, we're not up to the challenge since we were up late doing homework. Because a lot of people like myself have either a job to go to or somekind of extra curricular activity to do. This is why kids think school should start later then it does and end earlier, because after school we have to go straight to work or activities that don't end till late at night. The advantages of this outcome could benefit the school in terms of people showing up on time and being more prepared for the day. Grades could rise because of people paying better attention and understanding the material better. Everyone could gain something out of this decision...
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