School Ties

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  • Published : June 2, 2007
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The movie starts off in World War 2; with a high amount of animosity the main character David Green is a middle class Jewish citizen who lives Scranton, Pennsylvania. He gets a scholarship to a rich school known as St. Mathews Prepatory in Massachusetts.

David a Middle class citizen going to rich prep schools causes social class differences. Not only was he a Jew but he was also a middle class citizen, who was looked down upon in the school. Also there were occurrences when Jewish remarks were said where David had to assimilate his beliefs and traditions to fit in with the group. One occurrence was when one student said he got the boom box they were listening to for a cheap price. Another person asked if he had Jewed down the price, as if Jews were greedy and didn't like spending money. David did nothing and didn't say anything to get him in a sticky situation instead he assimilated with the rest of the kids. This was just one of the ways the kids at the school showed anti-Semitism.

Also David had many dilemmas at the school. For one he saw the coolest kid in school, Charley Dillon, cheat on a test. They had all signed an honor code that said they were responsible for telling on that person. It got worse when the teacher found out and threatened to fail the entire class unless the class decided to come out with who cheated. He shows how honorable he is by giving Dillon a chance to come clean and admit to what he did, instead of looking like a rat that wasn't willing to admit to it. Dillon agreed only stab David in the back and say he had done it. Dillon knew the class mate didn't like David after recently finding out he was a Jew. He had not come out and said making the student believe he wasn't. When the student found out what he was no one trusted him. This gave Dillon the opportunity to get away with lying since the class got to choose whether Dillon or David was telling the truth.

After a few hours of debating the class chooses David as the guilt...
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