School Stress: How Much is Too Much?

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Being a student in school can be an excellent experience but it can also be stressful. Students have school work and preparation to get ready for bigger things in life like college and a profession. A student has to deal with the amount of school work they’re given which can be hours of work. A school environment consists of many kids, but there are some problems at some schools between students and that can be hectic. School kids and the school itself can cause a person to be stressed because it can be overwhelming if someone doesn’t work well with others. The school a person attends has everything going on at once like school events, school sports, and school work itself. With all the time spent worrying about school work, there isn’t much time left to have fun in a person’s school life. School can cause a lot of pressure on an individual by not only the amount of school work given, but the environment at the school and also the persons’ outside life; because of everything going on at once, this can be overwhelming and can cause a student to be stressed.

Since every school has a variety of different students, some of these people can be commendable to be around while others can be inconsiderate. Inconsiderate people can cause a problem to some pears at a school. Because of the different opinions that everyone has, some apprentices can have complications with each other. Students can give other students a hard time with anything because they may think they’re more of a minority than them; this can turn out to bullying at any time. Being bullied can be putting a person on the spot which can be harsh. If a student is bullied, that may affect them personally in which can cause stress. Another circumstance that can make a student stressed out is if they’re fighting with their friends. Fighting with friends can put anyone in a down mood. That can cause the student to not be able to focus on school work because the only thing that can be thought through...
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