School Shootings

Topics: High school, Education, Gun Control Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Since 1995, more than thirty students and teachers have been killed and approximately one hundred have been wounded as a result of shootings at American schools. States throughout the nation, from California to Pennsylvania, have been affected by school violence. Several lawmakers began calling for legislation to allow teachers to be to carry guns for protection. Year after year faculty has begun arguing for the right for them to carry concealed weapons while on campus. People who did not agree to allow guns in schools and on campuses feared it would lead to more chaos and tragedy. Students, peers, and teachers expect schools to provide a safe and secure environment for learning, but the question is are they really safe? Why have there been so many shootings involved in a school environment? Should teachers be allowed to carry concealed weapons? These are the questions people ask everyday. I believe teachers should be able to carry concealed weapons only for protection of them and the students. As a sophomore in high school I don’t think kids are as safe as the schools portray them to be. Incidents happen everyday in a schools environment and sometimes kids are caught right in the middle of them with no protection. If teachers were able to carry concealed weapons they would be able to keep schools grounds safe with the help of the security guards, and police that are around in the community. In 2008, there was a school shooting at Northern Illinois University many were hurt. According to Atlanta Journal- Constitution (Atlanta, GA) each state needs responsible laws allowing handguns to be carried. In the article James Cool Stated “It would absurd to allow every college student to be armed. But responsible adult student (including veterans and former police officers) as well as university employees and staff should have that option.” Even though I believe that teachers should be able to carry concealed weapons when it comes down to students I do not think it is...
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