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This article is based on my personal research…. This research, however does not sho that being a school prefect is a guarantee of career success. Whilst being a prefect gives early experience of having responsibility. There are two other factors that greatly affect later success in life. Firstly, nearly all successful people would tell you that their achievements were based on a great deal of hard work. Secondly, they would tell you that they had experienced lots of failures but somehow learned from them and moved on. In other words they were HARD WORKING and RESILENT. Being a school prefect will enable you to have experiences that you would otherwise not get at your age. You are now on the first of a long ladder of leadership and responsibility and if you think that being a school prefect is a bit scary, wait until you climb higher.

Although all schools are different it is important for you to have a good understanding of what is expected of prefect at your particular school. At some schools, Prefect roles are written down and at others you are left to work them out yourself..

In broad terms. Roles fall into four categories:
1.Maintenance Discipline
2.Helping Staff
3.Supporting Younger students
4.Organizing events

In your school you might be required to do all four of these, only some or, perhaps, additional tasks. There is no right or wrong here. It is up to each school to utilize its prefects in the best ways it sees fit. Just to be clear, roles are responsibilities that are expected of you. They describe what you do, not how. MAINTAINING DISCIPLINE:

Maintaining discipline is perhaps the most obvious role for prefects, but it does not apply to all schools. If it applies in your school you may find yourself needing to know your ‘school rules’ or ‘code of conduct’ very well indeed. You will be expected to be a guardian of the standards that are written in these article and you will need to be preparted to...
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