School Pox Epidemic

Topics: Infectious disease, Vaccination, Smallpox Pages: 3 (1301 words) Published: October 25, 2012
September, 13 2012

Center for Disease Control,

As a lab assistant for this organization, I have worked on the SCHOOLPOX case intensely for the last week and a half. This case was a mock trial of a terrorist attack of disease or more recently the swine flu scare. It was feared that an attack would release infectious bugs into our communities and cause illness. To catch you up to date with what this SCHOOLPOX trial is, I can explain exactly what this sickness is. SCHOOLPOX has a three day incubation period that the person has the virus but has no symptoms, a 5 day symptomatic period where on days 2 and 3 of the symptomatic period the person with the virus is contagious, and finally the last two days are recovery days. On average, a person will infect 3 new people during that two day contagious period, meaning that 1.5 students are infected per day during the symptomatic contagious days. After many trial and errors, I have come up the answers to all questions that were asked of me to solve. I begin to experiment to find ways to stop the illness using a relatively easy set up that would not confuse me or take too long. Once I decided on a graphing method I had to remember that on the newly infected students you must round up and also round up on the first day of the symptomatic day so that all of the graphs use the same rules and have accurate answers in relation to each other. I then tried to configure the answers when I worked with a 50% quarantine, meaning that each day of the the symptomatic days (days 4-8) half of the students would stay home. (See F-1) The 50% quarantine worked very efficiently and by the 11th day of the continuous days, there were no new cases of the illness. In total, the 50% quarantine caused 29 people to be sick, with a transmission rate(the rate the illness was passed on) of 1.5 people per day. The way I found the transmission rate of all the trials was to divide the rate in half because there were two days of contagious days....
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