School Policies and Procedures

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Joanne Twohey

Outcome 5 - School Policies and Procedures
Every school and business must have policies and procedures in place. A school's policies and procedures are adopted from laws passed by the Government. These are in place to ensure the school is run correctly, and that staff, pupils, and any other individuals involved with the school are protected and meeting expectations and guidelines. There are usually a large number of policies in place within a school. These can include policies such as Child Protection, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Confidentiality, Anti-Bullying, Teaching and Learning, Homework, and many more. These policies and procedures are relevant to staff, pupils and parents. These policies must be updated regularly, and some of the content revised, in order to keep them relevant. Some of the policies in place relating to staff could be a pay policy, performance management, or grievance policy. These should be in place to enable staff to feel protected in the workplace as well as remaining professional. If a member of staff is harassed, for example, they could refer to the school’s grievance policy. This would then enable them to take it further, and the may follow a whistle-blowing policy included in the grievance policy. The details of this policy, and others like it, would enable the member of staff to act according to guidelines, and in their best interests. A disclosure of information policy could also be used in the school, for a staff member to be able to discuss any issues and resolve them quickly. This could not be used if there was any evidence of malpractice, and the grievance policy would need to be referred to. There are also policies in place relating to pupil welfare. These can include a Safeguarding Children policy, Health and Safety, Behaviour Management, Anti-bullying and Drugs Awareness. These policies are in place to protect the school’s pupils. The Child Protection policy of a school is in place for the staff to be...
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