School Ov My Dream

Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: April 28, 2011
The School of My Dreams

You come into the canteen of the future world, open the door and … At first you can see wonderful tables with many pieces of china and flowers. Every class gets their breakfast on flying trays. Plates and dishes can be used only once. You can see a modem bar for pupils with a beautiful barman. There you can buy ice-cream, cakes, chocolate, gums, and you can order anything you like to eat every day. In the canteen you can see the menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner; any girls and boys can order what they want. The school canteen is above a wonderful blue ocean. The floor is transparent and you can see the beautiful world of the ocean. If you raise your head you see only the blue glass of the ceiling separating you from the sky. The pupils I like their canteen and go often there.

Natalia Sidorova

The school in my dreams is not very big, but very comfortable. It has many beautiful classrooms, with TV. tape-recorders, computers, many interesting pictures and other modem conveniences. TV is a big part of our life, that's why we want to sing songs at our lessons or listen to the music of a tape-recorder. With the help of computers we can carry out exercises and receive marks. That is very interesting. Now 1 want to tell 'you about the furniture in our classrooms. All the tables are new, comfortable. with shelves and vases for pens. In the classroom I want to sec big bookcases with many interesting books and magazines. One of the parts of our cloak-room is a shower, The corridors in our school are light-filled. Ekaterina Nikishina

The grounds of our school are situated on five square kilometers. There is a beautiful park. It is the biggest park in the world. The pupils walk there every day during the breaks. There are many beautiful animals and, birds. At...
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