School of Rock

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c‘School of Rock’
The film ‘School of Rock’ is a comedy directed by Richard Linklater and produced by Scott Rudin. During the opening sequences, the various different film techniques prepare the audience for the rest of the film.

The film is about a “wannabe” rock guitarist, Dewey Finn. He gets kicked out of his band and poses as a substitute teacher for money. He then realises the pupils are musically talented and enters them in a rock competition “Battle of the Bands”.

The title graphics mix into the film’s opening scene. ‘Paramount Pictures Presents’ is printed in white block capitals on the back of a black t-shirt. It fades up from being fuzzy, to being clearer to read. The producer and director’s names are on posters on the wall in the club, again in block capitals and they stand out from other posters that are on the wall. Then the main character, Jack Black, is on a poster on the door. There is a picture of him with horns and three pairs of eyes, then his name underneath it.

When the doors open the film’s title is in red neon lights up against a brick wall. The camera zooms in until the title fills the screen. The ‘S’ in the title is flickering suggesting the lights are quite old. Then the viewer can see the stage which the band is playing on. The important names in the film come into screen one at a time and then two at a time and then the less important people’s names come into view four at a time. Mike White is the film’s writer and he also plays Ned in the movie. He wrote the film specifically for Jack Black. The title graphics run through the whole of the first scene. There are no graphics however during Dewey Finn’s stage dive, which prepares the audience, because during the film Dewey always wants centre of attention. The graphics are not there which allows the audience’s focus to be completely on Dewey

The lighting at the start of the first scene is very dark and fades up. It is grubby, but the posters on the wall in the club stand out...
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