School Nutrition

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  • Published : November 19, 2006
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School nutrition is becoming a top priority in schools today. Schools all around the country are throwing out the junk food and replacing it with low-calorie fruit snacks and baked chips. Some high schools have even gone as far as closing the campus for lunch, forcing students to eat in the cafeteria. The reason for all this is the growing problems with teenage obesity. Statistics say that teenagers today are the most obese generation for the past twenty years. So this seems like a good idea however when young adults aren't given the opportunity to make the right decision who's to say they will make it at home when they can have any kind of snack they want. Not leaving any ‘junk food' for the kids to make their own decision is not going to help them make healthy decisions in the long run. The only way for kids to learn how to make the nutritional choice is by giving them information as well as options and teaching the importance of exercise.

This year New Mexico schools got rid of most if not all junk food. Junk food meaning food that is mainly just sugar and full of empty calories. Soda was also cast out of schools, with bottled water and juice as it's replacement. Leaving no room for students to make their own healthy decisions at school. Instead the decision is already made for them. Schools also recommend that the fight against obesity needs to continue at home. But if you're living with adults who don't make healthy choices themselves that can't really happen. I think that by giving the kids choices they learn what's healthy for them. Instead of just saying this is bad you can't have it while you're at school but go home and you can get it from your refrigerator. If the fight started at an earlier stage like elementary school with instruction on what's good for you and what isn't, students would be more inclined to make healthier choices at an advanced age.

Some schools are taking the ‘healthy lifestyle' to the next level. In Arkansas educators voted to...
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