School Management System

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I hereby declare that this project report is based on my original work except for citations and quotations which have been dully acknowledged. I also declare that it has not been previously and concurrently submitted for any other degree or award at Mount Kenya University. Signature: __________________________________________

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I the undersigned do hereby certify that this is a true report for the project undertaken by the above named student under my supervision and that it has been submitted to Mount Kenya University with my approval.



This project and all related works are especially dedicated to my parents who have supported me financially and in other ways to enable me to complete the project.

I would like to thank everyone who had contributed to the successful completion of this project. I would like to express my gratitude to my research supervisor, Mrs. Ndinda for her invaluable advice, guidance and his enormous patience throughout the development of the research. In addition, I would also like to express my gratitude to my parents, sisters and relatives who have helped and given me encouragement and support throughout my time in Mount Kenya University.

Chapter One
Kisii high school is located in Kisii in the exterior of Kisii town. It was built on a relative flat area in the early 1985. It is among the old and famous schools in Kisii and Kenya entirely due to its improvement in offering of educational services. Performance of Kisii Boys’ High School is very important to remain in top position and combat other highly competitive schools in the country. Automating its management operations system is the way forward on improving its performance. The system addresses the following: - •Increase in productivity by easing up manual tasks.

Provide efficient services to their students.
Reduce data redundancies.
Save on document storage space.
Reduce paper work through electronic data storage.
Ease up document storage and retrieval.

Background of the study
Kisii Boys’ High School is a secondary school owned by Kisii co-operative farmers association. It is entrusted with provision of services to the members to help them improve the level of education together with their standards of living through offering secondary education to its members with a subsidized cost. To provide the above services, the school ensures that every family with a high school going child has been given an opportunity irrespective of the financial situation where by the parents who are members of the association pay their school fees through the cooperative society. Due to these ease of educational cost, most parents in the area have preferred accessing education from Kisii boy’s high school. The high population of the students has made it difficult for referral services of the record kept about student information. Kisii high school has brought employment to many teachers who are unemployed by the government. Problem statement

The problem at hand is to develop a computer based transaction and management processing system that would capture and process data about the school transactions. The systems should also do data maintenance i.e. Provide for ability to update stored data. Through the investigative process the problems discovered with the current systems are:- •Unable to process transactions in time.

Competition from other schools threatens the survival of the school unless there is a change in management strategies. •Increased number of students may overload the current system ability to process transactions. •Many students are quitting due to poor...
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