School Management System

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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This a comprehensive Solution for Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutions. .

It includes the following major functionalities:

• Student Registration / Admission.
• Student Fee Management.
• Financial Records Management, Reporting.
• Academic Reports, Student Progress Reports.
• Human Resource Administration.
• Timetable Management.
• Student Profiling.

The system offers several significant benefits in managing educational institutions more effectively.

1. Strategic Benefits:

• Holistic Operational Automation of your educational Institute • Increased Efficiency as more time to focus on Strategic Tasks. • Anywhere Availability – Internet or Intranet depending on your preference. • Easy to Scale and Customise according to your needs.

2. Benefits to Management:
o Reduces paper work.
o Increased Productivity by saving in amount of time spent in managing information through automation o Information required for Decision making is instantly available o Single suite handing everything saves on additional investment in different software. o Removes bottleneck in the process of getting information out of pile of data and further reduces piles of files o Automatic generation of reports used for decision making o Integrated School Management solution to manage academic, administrative and business processes o Eliminates redundancy due to centrally stored data & minimizes repetition of activities o Direct access to first hand information increases accuracy and efficiency. o Locating source of issues such as pilferage & wastage is easier 3. Benefits to Staff & Administration:

• Easy monitoring of individual modules leads to quick error detection • Quick & automated report generation...
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