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Topics: Data flow diagram, Prototype, Database management system Pages: 11 (9644 words) Published: May 21, 2012
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Design and implementation school management system
par Gérard Rutayisire 
National University of Rwanda - Degree of Bachelor in Information Technology  2010 Dans la categorie: Informatique et Télécommunications      | Disponible en mode multipage|

DEDICATIONTo our dear parents regretted;To our dear wife Mushashi Victoire;To our dear children: SHEMA Alain and KAMANZI Idrissa;To our faithful friend Gerhard Kempf and his family: Monika Kempf, Marie and Carlos;To our dear brothers and sisters;To all our friends near and far;This work is dedicated.AKNOWLEDGEMENTSWe can not complete this project if it is advice, aid, consolidation of the share of people who are now forever etched in our memory.We express our greatest thanks to our dear family for their moral support and encouragement.We wish to express our deep gratitude and thanks to Mr. Gerhard Kempf and his family who during 30 years of friendship until today, has consistently expressed its support strictly moral, material and financial support to the conclusion my studies.May our gratitude also go to Dr. William Sahinguvu, despite its many duties, has agreed to provide leadership for this work, his counsel, his dedication, his availability, his comments and corrections are relevant led to the culmination of this work.We thank all the teachers of the NUR who have formed during this cycle of license. The success of this project is due, mainly, to the knowledge that we have been taught in previous years.We especially thank the teachers who advised us and towards the right path when necessary.All those who contributed in one way or another, to make this work, can be found here, the crowning of their efforts.RUTAYISIRE GerardiiiTABLE OF CONTENTSDEDICATION iAKNOWLEDGEMENTS iiTABLE OF CONTENTS iiiLIST OF SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATION viLIST OF TABLES viiLIST OF FIGURES viiiABSTRACT ixSOMMAIRE xI.0 INTRODUCTION 11.1 Problem statement 11.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT 21.3 Interest project 21.3.1 Personal Interest 21.3.2 Institutional Interest 21.4 THE HYPOTHESIS OF THE PROJECT 21.5 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT 21.6 METHODOLOGY 31.7 ORGANIZATION OF THE PROJECT 3CHAPTER II: THEORETICAL CONCEPT 42.1 Introduction 42.2 Information system and fundamentals 42.2.1 System 42.2.2 Information 42.2.3 Information system 42.2.4 Information technology 42.3 Database concepts 52.3.1 Data 52.3.2 Data versus information 52.3.3 Database 52.3.4 Entity 52.3.5 Entity Relationship Diagram 52.3.6 Table 62.3.7 Record 62.3.8 Field 62.3.9 Attribute 62.3.10 Primary key 62.3.11 Foreign key 62.3.12 Data Modeling 72.3.13 Relational database 72.3.14 Database management system (DBMS) 82.4 Database in network environment 82.4.1 Network environment 82.4.2 Client/server architecture 82.4.3 Client-server 92.4.4 Database server 92.4.5 Web server 102.4.6 Web Browser 102.4.7 Web page 102.4.8 Website 102.5 Tools and Language used 112.5.1 HTML 112.5.2 PHP 112.5.3 Mysql 112.5.4 Apache server 122.5.5 JavaScript 122.5.6 CSS 12CHAPTER III: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 133.1 Introduction 133.2 Prototyping model 133.3 Advantages of prototyping 133.4 Disadvantages of prototyping 133.5 The process of prototyping 143.6 Prototype cycle 153.6 The importance of using prototyping 163.7 Analysis of the system 163.7.1 The existing system 163.7.2 The proposed system 163.7.3 System requirements 173.8 System Actors 173.8.1 Actor glossary 173.8.2 System outline 183.9 Data flow diagram 183.9.1 Dataflow notations 193.9.2 Context Diagram Data Flow Diagram Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for School Secretary/ Register Data Flow Diagram for School Secretary/ View Data Flow Diagram for Secretary/ Edit Data Flow Diagram for System Administrator/ Create User 253.9.3 Entity Relationship Diagram of SMS 26CHAPTER IV: IMPLEMENTATION OF SMS 274.1 Interfaces of SMS 274.1.1 Home Page...
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