School Management Information Systems in Primary Schools

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  • Published : December 6, 2009
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Kamile DEMİR

Developments in information technologies have been impacting upon educational organizations. Principals have been using management information systems to improve the efficiency of administrative services. The aim of this research is to explore principals’ perceptions about management information systems and how school management information systems are used in primary schools. The respondents of this study were 98 elementary school principals in Edirne. Data were gathered using a five-part questionnaire. The first part collected demographic information about respondents. The others had statements about school management information systems. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. Results indicated that although technologic infrastructures of elementary schools are insufficient, school management information systems have an important contribution to school management.

KEYWORDS: school management information system, elementary school, principal


Bilgi teknolojilerindeki gelişmeler eğitim örgütlerini etkilemektedir. Okul yöneticileri yönetim bilgi sistemlerini yönetsel hizmetlerin etkililiğini artırmak amacıyla kullanmaktadır. Bu çalışmanın amacı ilköğretim okullarında okul yönetimi bilgi sistemlerinin kullanımı ve okul yöneticilerinin yönetim bilgi sistemlerine ilişkin görüşlerini saptamaktır. Araştırmanın katılımcıları 98 Edirne ili ilköğretim okulunun yöneticisinden oluşmaktadır. Veri toplama aracı olarak beş bölümden oluşan bir anket geliştirilmiştir. Birinci bölüm ile katılımcılara ilişkin kişisel bilgiler elde edilmiştir. Diğer bölümler okul yönetimi bilgi sistemleri ile ilgili sorulardan oluşmaktadır. Elde edilen veriler frekans, yüzde, aritmetik ortalama ve standart sapmaları hesaplanarak çözümlenmiştir. Araştırmanın sonucunda ilköğretim okullarında teknolojik altyapının henüz yetersiz olmasına karşın, okul yönetimi bilgi sistemlerinin yöneticilere okul yönetimi konusunda önemli katkılar sağladığı saptanmıştır.

ANAHTAR KELİMELER:Okul Yönetimi Bilgi Sistemleri, İlköğretim Okulu, Okul Yöneticisi

Today, which we call information age as many technologic developments have been experienced; the biggest risk that an organization could take is to stay insensitive to change. Many significant factors such as continuous developments in information technologies, information exchange, increasing expectations of the society, modern managing perceptions and applications cause organizations all over the world to develop new applications in order to survive (Demir, 2003). Because of their priority in modern societies, Information Technologies have reached a state of high priority in education, too. Recently, contributions of information technologies to education have been among the mostly emphasized subjects (Webber, 2003; Flanagan&Jacopsen, 2003; Selwood, 2000, Pelgrum, 2001; Yuen, Law&Wong, 2003). Every country aims to provide their citizens with the most contemporary education in line with their financial efficiency. For this reason, big investment plans about the use of information systems have been put into action all over the world (Yuen, Law&Wong, 2003; Pelgrum, 2001). In our country, too, in order to support Primary Education Program, 600 million $ of loan in total was taken out in World Bank on June 25, 1998 and July 26, 2004. In the first section of the program, at least two primary schools in each of the 921 countries of Turkey were equipped in terms of information technologies and then activated. In-service training courses about the use of computer in primary education which was given to 2.250 coordinators of information technology sections and 35.000 teachers were financed. In the second section of the project ending on February 28, 2006, it is expected that information technology...
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