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School Management

By | October 2012
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School Management Software is a complete and customized solution for a school handling regular management work. It will replace the paper-based data collection and information exchange system among the various departments of a particular school. We Offer:

1. User –Friendly Environment.
2. It is flexible and customizable to suit individual schools. 3. Effective School record Management : From student Registration to till the time of student leaving the school
4. Track records easily with suitable search Criteria’s

Feature of this software:
* It helps in Keeping track of student’s performance throughout his stay in the institute. * This software helps the parents to know about each & every activity of there child. * It maintains the data of every student in the institute in terms of his attendance, Exam results, extracurricular activities like cultural events & sports. Advantages of using this Software

Advantage for Institute.
* The Institute can maintain a thorough database of every student in the institute. * This will give an instance access to any information as soon as it is needed. * This software helps the Institute to regularly keep in touch with the parents about there child's exam results, special functions, Holidays, attendance & his over all performance. * The parents will become more responsible as they get regular update about there child.

Advantage for students:

* Students can view all there results through internet as soon as it is announced. * They can get the intimation about special events like sports, Holiday, cultural events & excursion as soon as it is announced. * All the queries regarding certificates, Marks Card can be given through mail and a copy will be sent to him instantly through internet.

Advantage for Parents
* The parent will get to know about there child's absence to the class with in 10...

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