School Lunches vs. Packing Lunch

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  • Published : February 9, 2012
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School Lunches vs. Packing Lunch

Being a high school student, we are given the chance for our school to provide us with a hot meal every day at lunchtime. But just because it is convenient, does that mean that everyone should buy a school lunch? And what are some factors that one must consider? Plus what differences can one compare and contrast the between buying a school lunch and bringing lunch from home. The three main differences are quality, control, and cost. The most noticeable difference between school lunches and packed lunches is quality. Although some students might say they enjoy the hot pizza served everyday, one cannot argue the amount of dripping grease coming off the slice. Coming to the conclusion that those who enjoy it might not be too concerned about their health. And it is obvious to say that foods like that are not at all healthy. Bringing lunch from home however, one can always put together a quality meal. Adding healthy options like cut fruits and vegetables that the school does not offer. It is logical to say that food made in cafeterias is strictly made for the amount of convenience instead of quality. Comparing both school lunches and packed lunches we notice another difference. There is a control issue that affects both sides. When buying a school lunch, one is not given a very big variety of lunches to choose from. Everyday one may either pick from pizza, hamburger, chicken burger, or the day of the week special. Though if one were to pack a lunch, they would be given a wider range of foods to choose from, but are still limited a bit in the fact that it is nearly impossible to keep foods warm until lunchtime. So it can be said that with both school lunches and packed lunches, there is a lack of control to what kind of foods one wants to eat. Yet another difference between school lunches and packed lunches is the cost. The Public School District has set up a school lunch account for every student to...
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