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Library can be define as a collection of books and other literacy materials kept for reading, research, study and consultation. A library is a collection of information, sources, resources and services, organized for used and maintained by a public body, an institution or a private individuals. In the more traditional sense, the library means a collection of book.

It supports the teaching, learning and research for the user who is comes to the library. The library has three types of library such as National Library, Academic Library, School Library, Special Library, Digital Library, Mobile Library and others. For each library have their function. The function of library such as to analyze, describe, preserve and make available for use it collection of material intended in subsection.

The activities will involve in library such as purchase, give and exchange, donation and others. The activities that are produce in library will give the advantages for the user. Library also provides the several of collection such as encyclopedia, journal, book, magazine, and so on.

The library are most important place that can be use to search the information. The library emphasizes instruction, reference services, on site and remote access to information in print and electronic formats, development of information literacy, and management of collections. The library provides resources and support for the University's major functions such teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, and community service.


The Library supports the academic programs through instruction, collections, technology and services which enable students and faculty to access recorded knowledge and information resources. This support empowers our constituencies to develop the information and technological competencies necessary to achieve their educational, research and professional goals; succeed in the workforce; apply lifelong learning skills and participate in a diverse society.


To achieve a world class library status, catalyst to scholarship and excellence to the University’s teaching, learning and research attainable through physical and virtual means.

* 100% support the learning, teaching, researching and knowledge development programs. * Making the library well establish in services aspect, different of collection, latest technology and updated information. * To generate the workers to be skillful, responsible, commitment, motivated, ethics, proactive, brilliant, and well educated. * Building appropriate and comprehensive collection that are properly housed, controlled and effectively used. * Make library as a excellent information centre from services aspect, collection diversity, latest technology and information source and steady. * Create trained work force, having various skill, ethical high, proactive and team spirit through training, education continuously and increase in career. * Provide space for customer convenience, staff, and material and equipment placement.

* To build up as complete a collection of material emanating from or relating to country as appropriate. * To analyze, describe, preserve and make available for use its collection of the material intended in subsection. * To render bibliographic services and serve as the national bibliographic agency. * To serve as the national centre for the conservation and appreciation of its collection of the material intended in subsection.

* Purchase
* Donation
* Give and exchange

Purchasing refers to a business or organization attempting to acquire goods or services to accomplish the goals of the enterprise. Though there are several organizations that attempt to set standards in the purchasing process, processes can vary greatly between organizations. A grip applied manually or mechanically to move...
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