School Kills Creativity Short Essay

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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The Worst Thing to Do is Make a Mistake
Many Strong controversial points were made by Sir Ken Robinson, though the marrow of my opinion is when the national education system is brought up, what Sir Ken Robinson stats is “The worst thing to do is make a mistake” and he is completely right. Being a student I have always been corrected in school when trying things my way for example, I am a weak math student therefore I have always tried to find different tricks or less complex formulas, though these other ways were the same thing just written out differently I was corrected because they were “mistakes”. Due to these reoccurring “mistakes” I have slowly given up and do things how it is taught. Sir Ken Robinson says “If your not prepared to be wrong, you cannot be original” this got me thinking some of the most creative people are children, because they have not been taught the proper ways yet unlike adults “If they don’t know they’ll give it a go”. Therefore I completely agree and say school kills creativity, students rarely pick classes because they are interested in them but simply because they are needed in a future workplace. We miss out on creative classes like art, drama, music and even dance, the only class students can show off some creative ability is in language classes and even still their written styles are often corrected or polished into what everyone else’s looks and sounds like, in other words removing the writers authenticity and unique touch. We need to start building a more creative future for children and students because the gift of human imagination should be celebrated not pushed aside and hidden.